Dere Bay - A beautiful resort on Koro Island in Fiji

Whether you’re feeling adventurous or are up for less active pursuits, there are plenty to be found at Dere Bay. However you might choose to spend your day at Dere Bay, you do so in an island state of mind. You might find yourself tucking a flower behind your ear. Forgetting that you used to wear shoes. Breathing deeper. Tasting the world’s sweetest mango. Watching the stars shimmer at night and listening to the deep hypnotic sounds of the jungle.

How To Get Here

Koro Island is a very unique place, and feels very non-commercial and serene. Things move slow here, and if you are coming to relax you are at the right place. Here are details to find where we are...

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Our Accommodation

Beautiful beachfront bures (cottages) in a secluded rural beachfront setting. We also have a pool and a large restaurant, small bar and an over water pier. For more details about our accommodation click this link.

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You can go on long walks or hikes, paddling, swimming, snorkeling and fishing (where tuna is popular). We have kayaks and snorkeling gear available and can give you tips of what to do to make the most of your stay.

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